Death & the Digital in 5 Minutes


Death & the Digital in
5 Minutes

In April of 2018 I presented on a panel at a conference in the US - the Association for Death Education and Counseling (ADEC).  The brilliant thing is, I never had to get on a plane to do it.  Because of a schedule conflict, I stayed behind in England and sent a narrated PowerPoint along with my colleagues so that I could speak virtually.  I missed out on the Q&A portion - I was in clinic at the time of the panel and couldn't host a Twitter chat like I wanted to - but you can't have it all. 

Although the production value isn't what you'd call high, I've done a screen-capture video with QuickTime and am posting the results here.  Want five minutes of chat to get you thinking about how interesting the intersection of death and the digital can be?  Have a look.

Elaine Kasket