13 Ways My Desk is Saying, ‘You’re on the Right Track, Kiddo’

13 Ways My Desk is Saying, ‘You’re on the Right Track, Kiddo’

What’s your environment telling you about your commitment to new habits?

I did myself a real favour in the latter part of 2018: I finally fulfilled a long-held intention by joining a book club. A large, amazing group of people come together each month, each one of us there because we wanted to read more nonfiction and realised that we could use a kick up the backside to nudge us in that direction. I’ve been enjoying it no end and have been excited about the vast majority of the book choices as they’ve been announced.

When we got the email about the book for January, though, I have to admit that I was a little nonplussed. It was Atomic Habits by James Clear, someone I’ve since learned is a Medium writer himself. Since I hadn’t heard of his work before, I had no informed reasons to despair. The reviews of the book were really good. So my hesitation wasn’t about him. It was about me.

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Elaine Kasket