In Brief



I tell stories that show how the digital age affects how we live and how we die, and I help others write and speak powerfully about what matters to them.

Writing has been in my blood ever since I started tapping out stories on my dad's old Smith-Corona. After a BA Hons in Journalism and Psychology, I pursued psychology as my primary career. Along the way I’ve produced a lot of words, many of which I hope have been meaningful and useful to others. I've also coached countless others through their own research and writing projects.

All the Ghosts in the Machine: Illusions of Immortality in the Digital Age is available for purchase now.  If you thought that the juxtaposition of death and digital wasn’t relevant to your life, you may be in for a bit of a shock! See my reel below to get a feel for some of the issues.


Dialogue with others inspires me and enables my work to make a difference in the world.  As a speaker, trainer, and consultant, on my own or as part of the Digital Legacy Association, I might be able to provide you with help and guidance. If you'd like me to share my knowledge with you, or your readership, viewership, students or organisation, let's talk.


I work with students, academics, researchers and writers to find their passions, develop their focus, carry out their projects, and shape their work for multiple audiences. I've helped people in fields as diverse as psychology, psychotherapy, interior design, business, and education to successfully meet their research, writing and dissemination goals. 



My fees vary by event, project or piece. I am represented non-exclusively by Speaker’s Corner.

If you would like to talk to me about speaking, consultancy, or training, please contact me directly and I or my assistant will respond as promptly as possible.

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